Sermons – 2022

20221225PMFrom the House to the HogpenLuke 15:11-16
20221225AMThe Birth of ChristMat 1:18-25
20221221PMJesus Returns HomeMark 6:1-6
20221218PMItalicized WordsJohn 18:1-8
20221218AMGod’s Three GiftsMat 2:1-11
20221218SSA Growing Minister: Progressing In The WordI Tim 4:13-16
20221211PMWhy Does God Do What He Does?Isaiah 55:8-9
20221211AMThe Church at PhiladelphiaRevelation 3:7-13
20221211SSA Godly Minister: Be An Example of GodlinessI Timothy 4:10-12
20221207PMJairus’s Daughter HealedMark 5:21-24; 35-43
20221127PMA Double PortionII Kings 2:1-14
20221127AMThe Church at SardisRevelation 3:1-6
20221127SSA Good Minister: Expounding Good DoctrineI Timothy 4:4-10
20221122PMThe Sacrifice of ThanksgivingPsalms 107:22
20221120AMThe Church at ThyatiraRevelation 2:18-29
20221120SSA Good Minister: Exposing Bad DoctrineI Timothy 4:1-3b
20221116PMA Devil Possessed ManMark 5:1-20
20221113PMA Demonstration of MeeknessGal 5:19-23
20221113AMThe Church at PergamosRev 2:12-17
20221113SSQualifications for Pastors and Deacons1Tim 3:11-16
20221109PMPeace In The Midst Of The StormMark 4:35-41
20221106PMThe Significance of a Little MaidII Kings 5:1-14
20221106SSQualifications of a Pastor & DeaconsI Tim 3:4-10
20221030AMThe Church at SmyrnaRev 2:8-11
20221030SSQualifications of a Pastor Pt.31 Tim 3:3-5
20221026PMFour Sermon ExcerptsMark 4:21-34
20221023PMWhat’s Missing?Amos 8:11-12
20221023AMThe Church at EphesusRev 2:1-7
20221023SSQualifications of a Pastor (Pt. 2)I Timothy 3:2
20221016PMStaying by the StuffI Sam 30:1-25
20221016AMElijah’s DepressionI Kings 19:3-4a
20221016SSQualifications of a PastorI Tim 3:1
20221012PMThe Sower, The Seed, & The SoilMark 4:1-20
20221005PMFriends and FamilyMark 3:31-35
20221002SSPraying Women of the ChurchI Tim 2:9-15
20220928PMWhat An Accusation!Mark 3:21-30
20220925PMThe Battle Between Your EarsII Cor 10:3-5
20220925AMLessons From the Life of MatthewLuke 5:27-29
20220925SSPraying Men & Women of the ChurchI Tim 2:7-9
20220921PMChoosing the TwelveMark 3:13-19
20220918PMContentmentHeb 13:5
20220918AMRighteousness Exalteth A NationPro 14:34
20220918SSPrayer Life For Members of the Church (Pt. 3)I Tim 2:2b-7
20220914PMDealing With The MultitudesMark 3:7-12
20220907PMStand and StretchMark 3:1-6
20220904PMFollow the LambJohn 1:29
20220904AMThe Final JudgmentRev 20:11-15
20220904SSPrayer Life for Members of the Church (Pt. 2)I Tim 2:1-2a
20220831PMThe Confrontation In The CornfieldMark 2:23-28
20220828AMCan We Trust God’s Plan of Salvation?John 14:1-6
20220828SSPrayer Life for Members of the ChurchI Tim 2:1
20220824PMJesus and MatthewMark 2:13-22
20220821PMElect, Begotten, & KeptI Peter 1:1-5
20220821AMTips To A Healthy HeartProv 21:2
20220821SSMessage to the Church (Pt. 4)I Tim 1:15-20
20220807PMAre You A Disciple?John 8:31
20220807SSMessage To The Church (Pt.3)I Tim 1:8-17
20220807AMWho Is Jesus Christ?Mat 16:13
20220731AMComing Down From The MountainMark 9:1-9a
20220731SSMessage To The Church (Pt. 2)I Tim 1:3-7
20220727PMPardoning The Palsy OneMark 2:1-12
20220724PMThree P’s of TemptationGen 22:1-10
20220724SSMessage To The ChurchI Tim 1:1-4
20220724AMThe Healing of The Woman With The Issue of BloodLuke 8:41-48
20220720PMThe Morning After…Mark 1:35-45
20220717PMMaking God In Our Own ImageGenesis 1:27
20220713PMA Day In The Life of JesusMark 1:21-28
20220710AMDoes Jesus Care?Mark 4:38
20220710SSIntroduction to 1 Timothy1 Timothy 1
20220629PMJesus Begins His Earthly MinistryMark 1:9-20
20220626AMHappy Birthday, John the BaptistLuke 1:5-14
20220626SSLife’s Beginning At ConceptionGen 4:1
20220622PMThe Gospel of Mark (Pt. 2)Mark 1:1-8
20220619PMWhy Missions?Mat 28:18-20
20220619AMIs God Your Father?Mat 6:9
20220619SSPaul’s Arrival At RomeActs 28:15-31
20220615PMThe Gospel of MarkMark 1:1
20220612PMBetween “It Is Finished” & “It Is Done”John 19:30; Rev 21:6
20220612AMCome And HelpActs 16:9
20220612SSThe Miracles at MalitaActs 28:1-16
20220605SSPaul’s SermonActs 27:16-44
20220601PMThe Abrahamic CovenantGen 12:1-3
20220529PMStand In The GapEze 22:29-31
20220529AMDedicated To The BattleII Sam 11:6-15
20220529SSPaul’s Sailing to Fair HavensActs 27:1-15
20220525PMPaul’s FriendsCol 4:7-14
20220522PMHow The Father Brought The Prodigal Son HomeLuke 15:11
20220522AMThe Story of Two MenLuke 16:19-31
20220522SSPaul Was Not DisobedientActs 26:19-32
20220518PMContrastsRom 11:20
20220515PMWhat It Takes To Be A MissionaryActs 13:1-5
20220515AMSimple SalvationLuke 23:39-43
20220515SSPaul’s Personal Explaination (Pt.2)Acts 26:13-19
20220511PMThe Story of Ahaziah2 Kin 1:1-4
20220508SSPaul’s Personal ExplainationActs 26:1-13
20220508AMFour Motives For Holy Living (Pt.2)Col 3:12-17
20220504PMLooking at God’s 7,000 Year ProgramII Peter 3:8-13
20220501PMWhat The World Needs NowIsaiah 59:1-15
20220501SSFestus Interviews PaulActs 25
20220427PMNehemiah’s ReformsNeh 13
20220424PMAfflictionPsa 119:67,71,75
20220424AMFour Motives for Holy LivingCol 3:12-17
20220424SSPaul’s Defense Before FelixActs 24:11-27
20220420PMDedicate Yourselves to GodNeh 11 & 12
20220417AMThe Greatest Event In HistoryI Cor 1-8:12-20
20220417SSPaul Brought Before FelixActs 24:1-11
20220413PMIsrael’s Seperation From Sin & Unto the Law of GodNeh 10
20220410PMThe IncentiveJude 1:17-25
20220410AMThe Road to CalvaryLuke 23:33
20220410SSPaul and the ConspiratorsActs 23:9-35
20220406PMIsrael’s Praise to God & Confession of SinsNeh 9
20220403PMThe Punishment of ApostacyJude 1:14-16
20220403SSPaul and The CouncilActs 23:1-10
20220330PMThe First Bible ConferenceNeh 8
20220327PMThe Performance of ApostasyJude 1:8-13
20220327SSPaul’s Special CommissionActs 22:12-30
20220323PMNehemiah’s OrganizingNeh 7
20220320PMJude’s InstructionsJude 1:5-7
20220320AMIt’s Your ChoiceDeut 11:26-28
20220320SSPaul’s Amazing ConversionActs 22:3-11
20220316PMNehemiah’s CharacterNehemiah 6
20220313PMIntroduction to JudeJude 1:1-4
20220313SSTumult in the TempleActs 21:33-40
20220309PMNehemiah’s LeadershipNehemiah 5
20220302PMNehemiah’s OppositionNeh 4:10
20220227AMBe Not Now NegligentII Chron 29:11
20220227SSThe Test With The JewsActs 21:19-32
20220223PMNehemiah’s OppositionNeh 4:1-6
20220220PMDiotrephes and DemetriusIII John 1:9-14
20220220AMThe True Meaning of the Name ChristianActs 11:26
20220220SSWith The Brethen At Caesarea & JerusalemActs 21:7-18
20220216PMThe People of the WorkNeh 3
20220213PMGaius the BelovedIII John 1:1-8
20220213AMLooking for Peace in All The Wrong PlacesJer 6:14
20220213SSPaul’s Departure From MiletusActs 20:28-38
20220209PMNehemiah’s WorkersNeh 3
20220206PMA Letter of ExhortationII John 1:5-13
20220206SSPaul’s Testimony At MiletusActs 20:13-27
20220202PMNehemiah’s FaithNehemiah 2:1-4
20220126PMNehemiah’s ConcernNehemiah 1:1-11
20220123PMAn Encouraging Letter2 John 1-3
20220123AMAn Example For The Church1 Thes 1:1-10
20220123SSThe Riot at EphesusActs 19:23; 20:12
20220119PMNavigating The StormMark 4:35-41
20220116AMVictories and ValleysActs 20:17-24
20220116SSPaul at EphesusActs 19:13-24
20220112PMWhat Jesus Prayed ForJohn 17:1-3
20220109AMAnd So Much The MoreHeb 10:25
20220109SSBeginning of Paul’s 3rd Missionary JourneyActs 19:1-12
20220105PMIsaac’s HomeGen 25:19-26