Sermons – 2018

20181230PMThe Song of His GladnessRev 15:1-4
20181230AMJesus and His ChurchRev 1:12-20
20181230SSWisdom’s Path Part 3Pro 4:1-9
20181223AMChristmas LambLuke 2:1-15
20181223SunWisdom’s Path Part 2Proverbs 3
20181219PMLeviticus SurveyLeviticus
20181216PMA Command From HeavenRevelation 14:14-20
20181216AMThe War On ChristmasLuke 2:1-14
20181216SSWisdom’s Path Part 1Proverbs 3
20181205PMExodus SurveyExo 1-40
20181202PMA Commision In Heaven: Three AngelsRev14:6-13
20181202SSWisdoms Path-A Pleasant PathPro 3:1-12
20181128PMGenesis SurveyGenesis
20181125PMCompany In Heaven, TheRev 14:1-6
20181125AMWhat’s The Big Deal?Gen 3:1-15
20181125SSWisdom’s Protection Pt. 2Pro 2: 10-22
20181120PMThinking About ThankfulnessPsalm 50:14
20181118PMThe Beast from the EarthRev 13: 11-18
20181118AMLiving for God in BabylonDaniel 1:1-7
20181118SSWisdoms ProtectionPro 2:1-22
20181104PMWrath of the Dragon, TheRev 12:13-17
20181104SSThe Way of WisdomPro 1:20-33
20181028PMWar In HeavenRev 12:7-12
20181028AMIt Still WorksRom 10:9-10
20181028SSThe Way of WickednessPro 1:10-19
20181024PM2 John2 John
20181021AMHow To Handle A Wayward ChildLuke 15:11-24
20181021SSSolomon WisdomPro 1:1-9
20181017PM1 John1 John
20181014PMThe Wonder In HeavenRev 12:1-6
20181014AMThe Joy of the LordNeh 8:1-10
20181014SSCorrecting The CriticsJohn 12:1-8
20181010PM2 Peter2 Peter
20181003PM1 Peter – MT Survey1 Peter
20180930AMIt’s About MissionsJohn 6:5-13
20180930SSConfuting The Delegation – Encounters of ChristMat 25:15-40
20180926PMJames – NT SurveyJames 3
20180923PMThe Third WoeRev 11:15-19
20180923SSThe Encounter of ChristMat 21:23-27
20180916PMTwo WitnessesRev 11:1-14
20180916AMThese Three MenEzk 14:12-21
20180916SSEncounters Of Christ, TheLuke 19:1-10
20180909PMJohn & The Little BookRev 10
20180909AMGod’s WordIsa 55:11
20180909SSCalling The Rich Young RulerMat 19:16-22
20180902PMJesus & The Little BookRev 10
20180902SSClarifying Divorce LawsMat 19:1-9
20180829PMII TimothyII Timothy
20180826PMThe 6th TrumpetRev 9:13-21
20180826AMFrom Riches To RagsII Chr 26
20180826SSConfronting Hostile UnbeliefJohn 10:22-39
20180822PMI TimothyI Tim
20180818PM5th Trumpet – 1st WoeRev 9:1-12
20180812SSContrasting Martha and MaryLuke 10:38-42
20180812AMMissed OpportunitiesJud 8:18-21
20180805PM4 Trumptes SoundedRev 8:7-13
20180805AMCharacter of ChristMatt 12:38
20180729SSThe TruthJohn 8:12-59
20180729AMHow To Hear The Voice Of GodI Sam 3:1-10
20180725PMII ThessaloniansII Thes 2:16
20180722AMWhat To Do When You Go Through Trials2 Cor 1:3-10
20180722SSConvicting The Woman’s AccusersJohn 8:1-11
20180718PMI Thessalonians1 Thes
20180715PMSaved Gentliles In HeavenRev. 7:9-17
20180715AMA Look In The MirrorJames 1:19-24
20180708PMSealed Jews On The EarthRev 7:1-8
20180701PM5th and 6th SealsRev 6:9-17
20180701SSCastigating The Fault FindersMark 7:1-13
20180624PMFour HorsemenRev 6:1-8
20180624AMWarning Of Babylon, TheRev 18:1-8
20180624SSComparing BreadJohn 6:22-40
20180617AMA Fathers PleaProv 23:15-35
20180617SSCommending John The BaptistMatt 11:2-11
20180610PMPraise to the LambRev 5:8-14
20180610AMTake Up His CrossLuke 9:23-24
20180610SSCorrecting Sabbath AttitudesLuke 6:1-5
20180603PMPresentation of the LambRev 5:1-7
20180603SSChecking Out of NazarethLuke 4:16-30
20180523PMA Word From The ProphetII Kings 5:1-14
20180520AMHow To Show Your FaithMat 5:16
20180520SSConversing At Jacob’s WallJohn 4:3-30
20180516PMBook of I CorinthiansI Cor
20180513PMA Vision of the ThrongRev 4:7-1
20180513AMA Virtuous WomanPro 31:10-31
20180513SSCounseling Nicodemus1 John 3:1-7
20180509PMBook of Romans, TheRomans
20180506AMOur Divine ResourceI Thes 2:13
20180506SSEncounters of Christ, TheJohn 2:13-17
20180502PMBook of Acts, TheActs
20180429AMDon’t Let Go of the SwordII Sam 23:8-10
20180429SSConclusion, TheMat 7:24-29
20180418PMGospel of John, TheJohn
20180415AMPeter, The First ResponderMat 16:13
20180415SSCounsel About ProfessionMat 7:21-23
20180411PMGospel of LukeLuke
20180408PMLaodicea, the Fashionable ChurchRev 3:14-22
20180408SSCounsel About ProphetsMat 7:15-20
20180408AMThe CrossLuke 23:32-43
20180401PMPhiladelphia, the Faithful ChurchRev 3:7:13
20180401AMWhat Happened on “That Morning”Mat 28:1-6
20180401SSCounsel About PathsMat 7:13-14
20180328PMGospel of Mark, TheMark 1
20180325PMSardis The Feeble ChurchRev 3:1-6
20180325AMAccusers Of Christ, TheLuke 23:1-11
20180318AMHell Is No JokeLuke 16:19-31
20180318SSCounsel About Prayer IIIMat 7:7-11
20180307PMIt’s Tax TimeMat 17:24
20180304PMPergamos The Faltering ChurchRev 2:12-17
20180304SSCounsel About PrefermentMat 7:6
20180225PMSmyrna, the Fearful ChurchRev 2:8-11
20180225SSCounsel About JudgingMat 7:1-5
20180225AMWhy the King James Bible?II Tim 3:16-17
20180214PMBaptist History, John Leland
20180211PMEphesus: The Fallen ChurchRev 2:1-7
20180211AMA New CommandmentMark 12:28-30
20180211SSCounsel About AnxietyMat 6:23-34
20180207PMBaptist HistoryBaptist
20180204PM??Rev 2:14-18
20180204AMA New CommandmentI John 2:7-11
20180204SSCounsel On PossessionsMat 6:19-24
20180131PMBaptist History – In A New WorldBaptist
20180128PMInstructions Given To JohnRev 1:9-20
20180128SSCounsel About FastingMat 6:16-18
20180128PMInstructions Given To JohnRev 1:9-20
20180128SSCounsel About FastingMat 6:16-18
20180121PMPreface To RevelationRev 1:4-8
20180121AMGet Into The ArkGen 7:1-16
20180121SSCounsel About ForgivenessMat 6:14-15
20180110PMOffice Of A DeaconI Tim 3:8-13
20180117PMAnabaptist Page 20-21Baptist
20180114PMPurpose of Revelation, TheRev 1:1-3
20180114AMPrayer Changes ThingsActs 12:1-11
20180114SSCouncil About Prayer IIMat 6:9-13
20180107PMIntroduction To RevelationRev 1
20180107SSCouncil About Prayer IMat 6:5-6
20180107AMBelievest Thou This?John 11:23