Sermons – 2019

20191229PMDare To Be A DanielDan 1:8
20191229AMTwo Uncommon People One Common NeedMat 18:11
20191229SSFear Of The Throne, ThePro 20
20191222PMHow Is Your PostureEph 2:1-7
20191222AMHeaven Came DownLuke 2:1-20
20191222SSStudy of ProverbsPro 19:20-29
20191218PMStudy of James Part 3James 2:1-13
20191215PMWhat Is Calvinism?John 3:16
20191215AMWhen Mercy Runs Out2 Sam 16:5-13
20191215SSProverbs 19 StudyProverbs 19
20191211PMStudy of JamesJames 1:17-21
20191204PMWithering TrialsJames 1:6-16
20191201PMAre You Ready For Revival 20 Questions Part 3Hab 3:12
20191201SSThe King and his ThronePro 19:1-11
20191124PMTwenty Questions To See If We Really Want Revival Part 22 Chr 7:14
20191124AMHave You Heard The Voice Of God?2 Sam 3:1-10
20191124SSProverbs 18 Study Part 2Pro 18
20191120PMStudy of James 2James 1:5-8
20191117PMTwenty Questions To See If We Really Want Revival Part 1Psalm 85:6
20191117AMHeaven2 Cor 12:1-4
20191117SSProverbs 18 StudyPro 18
20191113PMStudy of James 1James 1:1-4
20191106PMIntroduction To JamesJames
20191103PMPerilous Times To Come2 Tim 3:1-7
20191110AMThe Work of The SpiritJohn 16:7-11
20191110SSProverbs 17 Study Part 3Proverbs 17
20191103SSProverbs 17 Study Part 2Proverbs 17
20191030PMMalachi SurveyMalachi
20191027AMWhat Is Faith Promise?John 6:1-14
20191027SSProverbs 17: The Right Features In LIfeProv 17
20191023PMZechariah SurveyZechariah
20191019PMHaggai SurveyHaggai
20191013PMAn Inside JobActs 5:1-6
20191013AMFour Reasons We Should EvangelizeMat 28:16
20191013SSProverbs 16: The Right Focus In LifeProv 16:21-33
20191009PMZephaniah SurveyZephaniah
20191006PMInspiration, Preservation, Translation2 Tim 3:16
20191006AMThe Seven E’s Of Giving2 Cor 9:1-7
20191006SSProverbs 16 Part 2Prov 16
20191002PMHabakkuk SurveyHabakkuk
20190929PMWhat’s Wrong With The KJV?John 3:16
20190929AMThe Blind BeggarMark 10:46-52
20190929SSThe Right Focus In LifeProv 16
20190925PMNahum SurveyNahum
20190915PMWhat About the NKJV?2 Cor 2:17
20190915AMBe ObedientJonah 1:1
20190915SSProverbs 15 Study Part 3Proverbs 15
20190911PMJonah SurveyJonah
20190908PMHow The Scriptures Came To Us2 Tim 3:16
20190908AMThe Life & Times of EnochGen 5:21-24
20190908SSProverbs 15 Study Part 2Prov 15
20190825AMThree Common MistakesLuke 12:16-21
20190825SSProverbs 15 Study Part 1Proverbs 15:1-12
20190814PMHosea SurveyHosea
20190811PMWhy We Use The KJV Part 3Mat 24:35
20190811SSProverbs 14 StudyPro 14:23-35
20190804PMWhy We Use The KJV Part 2Psa 12:6-7
20190804AMWhy Did Jesus Die?Mar 15:1-37
20190804SSProverbs 14 StudyPro 14
20190731PMDaniel SurveyDaniel
20190728PMWhy We Use The KJV Part 1Prov. 30:4-5
20190728AMThe Accuser of the Brethren1 Pet 5:1-8
20190724PMEzekiel SurveyEzekiel
20190721PMThe Witness of the SpiritRev 2:17-21
20190717PMThe Lamentations SurveyLam
20190714PMWork of Christ, TheRev 22:11-16
20190714AMActive Enemy, An1 Pet 5:8
20190710PMJeremiah SurveyJer
20190707PMThe Word of the FatherRev 22:6-10
20190707AMThe Audacity of the Devil1 Pet 5
20190707SSProverbs 13Prov 13
20190630PMConditions on Earth, TheRev 22:1-5
20190630AMYour Adversary The Devil1 Pet 5:1-10
20190630SSBehavior Good and Bad- VirtuesPro 12
20190626PMIsaiah SurveyIsa
20190623SSBehaviours Good and Bad Part 1Pro 12
20190623PMMaterials of the City, TheRev 21:18-25
20190623AMYour Actual Enemy1 Pet 5:1-10
20190616SSProverbs 11 StudyPro 11
20190616AMFather’s Love, TheLuke 15:11-24
20190616AMFather’s Love, TheLuke 15:11-24
20190609PMNew JerusalemRev 21:9-27
20190609AMWhat Do You Get When You Receive Christ?John 1:1-12
20190609SSProverbs 11 part 1Pro 11
20190612PMSong Of Solomon SurveySong of Solomon
20190605PMEcclesiastes SurveyEcclesiastes
20190602PMVoices from HeavenRev 21:1-8
20190602SSBehavior Good and badPro 11:1-11
20190529PMProverbs SurveyProverbs
20190526PMAfter The MillenniumRev 20:7-15
20190526AMTestimony of Job, TheJob 1:1
20190526SSProverbs 10Pro 10
20190522PMPsalms SurveyPsalms
20190515PMJob SurveyJob
20190512PMAt The MillenniumRev 20:1-6
20190512AMMothers Can Make The Difference1 Cor 4:17
20190512SSLessons Gained or LostPro10
20190508PMEsther SurveyEsther
20190505AMThe Cross Is EnoughJohn 19:25-30
20190505SSBlessings Gained Or LostProverbs 10
20190424PMNehemiah SurveyNehemiah
20190421PMJudgment on EarthRev 19:11-21
20190421AMWhere Was He?Mat 28:1-6
20190421SSWisdom’s Patience Part 3Pro 9
20190417PMEzra SurveyEzra
20190414PMJoy In HeavenRev 19:1-10
20190414AMHere He Comes!Luke 19:29-39
20190414SSWisdom’s Patience Part 2Pro 9:1-18
20190410PM2 Chronicles Survey2 Chr
20190407SSWisdom’s PatiencePro 8
20190403PM1 Chronicles Survey1 Chr
20190331PMHeaven’s Reaction to JudgmentRev 18:20-24
20190331AMChurch As We Know It1 Tim 3:14-16
20190331SSWisdom’s PatiencePro 8
20190327PMPersonal Bible Study2 Tim 2:15
20190324PMReaction to JudgmentRev 18:9-19
20190320PM2 Kings Survey2 Kings
20190317PMJudgment of BabylonRev 18:1-8
20190317AMDoes Your House Need Swept? ( Part 2)Luke 15: 8-10
20190317SSWisdoms’s Presence (Part 2)Pro 7:10-27
20190310PMThe Destruction of the WomanRev 17:15-18
20190310AMDoes Your House Need Swept?Luke 15: 3-10
20190310SSWisdom’s Presence (Part 1)Pro 7: 1-27
20190227PM2 Samuel Survey2 Sam
20190224PMDetails of the WomanRev 17:7-14
20190224AMTwo Men, One StormMat 7:1-27
20190224SSWisdom’s Precepts Part 3Prov 6:16-19
20190210SSWisdom’s Precepts Part 2Pro 6
20190210AMValue of LifeGen 9:1-6
20190206PMRuth SurveyRuth
20190203SSWisdom’s Precepts Part 1Pro 6
20190203PMDescription of the WomanRev 17:1-6
20190127PMRevelation 16Rev 16:12-21
20190127AMThe Two Types of TemptationJam1:2-16
20190127SSWisdom’s Principles IIPro 5:9-23
20190123PMJudges SurveyJudges
20190116PMJoshua SurveyJoshua
20190113PMSeven VialsRev 16
20190113AMHow God Reveals HimselfHeb 11:1-6
20190113SSWisdom’s PrinciplesProverbs 5
20190109PMDeuteronomy SurveyDeut
20190106PMSmoke of His GloryRev 15:5-8
20190102PMNumbers SurveyNum
20190106SSWisdom’s Path Part 4Pro 4