Guest Sermons

20240324SunAMGrab The Bull By The HornsLev 8:14-15Iannello, Paul
20240324SunSSThe Enemies of the WordPsalm 119:105Iannello, Paul
20240303SunPMThe Early Church’s Secret to PowerActs 8:24Braden, Lewis
20240303SunAMWe Love, Because He First Loved UsI John 4:19Braden, Lewis
20240303SunSSWho Made The Wise Men Wise?Mat 2:1-11Mathews, Gary
20240221WedPMStudy of Simon PeterMat 26:69-75Braden, Lewis
20240211SunPMThe Mind of a ChristianPhil 2:5-11Pledger, Tim
20240204SunAMNever. God. Next.Colossians 1:18Braden, Lewis
20240121SunSSMagnify His WordPsalms 138:2Robinson, Chad
20240107SunPMThe Commitment of the First ChristiansActs 8:4Leathley, Bob
20240107SunAMChrist Presented to SimeonLuke 2:21-32Braden, Lewis
20240107SunSSHow to Be Effectual1 Corinthians 16:9Matthews, Gary
20231105SunPMFaithHebrews 11:1Coman, Samuel
20231105SunSSBlessed Be The Name of The LordJob 1:21Hawkins, Caleb
20231126SunPMMissions ReadyActs 13Smith, Zach
20231022SunPMThe Great TribulationMat 24:9Leathley, Steve
20231022SunAMThe Ninth CommandmentExodus 20:16Braden, Lewis
20231022SunSSDelight In The LordPsalms 37:4Mathews, Gary
20231008SunPMThe Church That Never WasActs 19:21Leathley, Matt
20231008SunAMTeamworkActs 18:1-3Leathley, Matt
20231008SunSSWhat’s Keeping You Out?Num 13:28-29Chadhina Jr., Mario
20231007SatPMHow The Church Is Presented As A BrideEph 3:20-21Leathley, Matt
20231006FriPMHow The Church Is Presented As A BodyI Cor 12:12-14Leathley, Matt
20231005ThuPMHow The Church Is Presented As A BuildingI Cor 3:9-15Leathley, Matt
20231004WedPMBut First!II Cor 8:5Leathley, Matt
20230917SunPMEnough Is EnoughIsaiah 5:25Braden, Lewis
20230917SunAMThe Eighth CommandmentExodus 20:15Braden, Lewis
20230917SunSSLessons Learned In The Hog PinLuke 15:11-20Mathew, Gary
20230903SunPMRedeemed Of The LordIsaiah 43:1-7Belcher, Thomas
20230827SunPMThe S & L CrisisMat 5:13-16Emery, Larry
20230827SunAMMiracles at CalvaryMat 27:45-54Emery, Larry
20230827SunSSThe Principles of TemptationJam 1:13-15Emery, Larry
20230820SunPMThe Last Man SittingActs 3:1-3Braden, Lewis
20230820SunAMThe Seventh CommandmentExodus 20:14Braden, Lewis
20230809WedPMThe Slop PotLuke 15:16Hamby, Ed
20230723SunPMThe Extra MileMat 5:41Meyer, Chaz
20230712WedPMWill You Be Missed?II Chr 21:19; I Sam 20:18Braden, Lewis
20230709SunPMWhat Is Your Circle of Fellowship?Phil 1-2 & 23Braden, Lewis
20230703MonPMThree Places Every Christian Needs To Get ToGen 12:1-4Leathley, Bob
20230625SunPMListen to What John the Baptist Said Of JesusJohn 1:32-34Braden, Lewis
20230625SunAMThe Sixth CommandmentExodus 20:13Braden, Lewis
20230625SunSSMake Your Communication of Faith EffectualPhilemon 6Braden, Lewis
20230618SunAMBiblical Understanding of MissionsActs 13:1-4Allen, John
20230618SunSSBlessed Is He That ReadethRev 1:3Allen, John
20230611SunPMSaved, Striving, SucceedingRev 17:14Braden, Lewis
20230611SunAMHow to Have A Successful DayJoshua 1:8Leathley, Bob
20230611SunSSWhere He Leads Me, I Will FollowActs 16:6-10Leathley, Bob
20230528SunAMThe Fifth CommandmentExo 20:12Braden, Lewis
20230430SunPMCast Your Uncleanness Into The BrookII Chr 29:16Iannello, Paul
20230430SunAMThe Interruptions of PrayerActs 16:13Iannello, Paul
20230430SunSSBe Of Good CheerMat 9:2Iannello, Paul
20230423SunPMGod Uses Us For Missionary WorkMat 28:19Morales, Ronnie
20230423SunPMGod Uses Us For Missionary WorkMat 28:19Morales, Ronnie
20230423SunAMThe Fourth CommandmentExo 20:8-11Braden, Lewis
20230405WedPMSources of ComfortII Cor 1:1-4Leathley, Matt
20230402SunPMWhen You Need A Man of SorrowsIsaiah 53:3Leathley, Bob
20230326SunAMThe Third CommandmentDeut 5:11Braden, Lewis
20230310FriPMJust Keep PloughingLuke 9:62Hamblin, John
20230309ThuPMSome Things We Need To Say Goodbye ToActs 20:38Hamblin, John
20230308WedPMGod Wants Thermostats, Not ThermometersRom 12:11Hamblin, John
20230306MonPMThe Right Isn’t The Left, & The Left Isn’t The RightJohn 21:6Hamblin, John
20230305SunPMMy Prayer For A Prodical NationLuke 15:13Hamblin, John
20230305SunAMPlaying Games at GolgothaMat 27:35Hamblin, John
20230305SunSSA Little Birdy Told Me About RevivalEcc 10:20Hamblin, John
20230222WedPMConflict ResolutionEph 4:32Braden, Lewis
20230219SunPMPray For The HarvestLuke 10:2Johnson, Jeff
20230219SunAMThe Second CommandmentExo 20:4-6Braden, Lewis
20230219SunSSBook Burning For GodActs 19:13-20Braden, Lewis
20230129SunAMThe First CommandmentExo 20:3Braden, Lewis
20230108SunPMCease From Thine Own WisdomPro 23:4bRich, Cody
20230101SunPMRoute 66Dan 9:2Braden, Lewis
20221228WedPMThe Neglected PrayerRev 22:20Braden, Lewis
20221204SunPMGod Is Greater Than Our WearinessGalatians 6:9Kinsey, Buster
20221204SunAMGod Is Greater Than Our SinRomans 5:20Kinsey, Buster
20221204SunSSThe Folly of Fault FindingMatthew 7:1-5Kinsey, Buster
20221203SatPMGod Is Greater Than Our DoubtsMat 14:15-21Kinsey, Buster
20221202FriPMGod Is Greater Than Our BitternessHebrews 12:15Kinsey, Buster
20221201ThuPMGod is Greater Than Our WeaknessII Cor 12:1-10Kinsey, Buster
20221130WedPMGod Is Bigger Than Our FearsII Timothy 1:7Kinsey, Buster
20221120SunPMOur Wedding GarmentMark 14:46-52Dunlap, Mark
20221111FriPMThe Woman of TekoahII Samuel 14:14Guiler, Myron
20221106SunAMI Forgot To Paint The TrimPhil 4:12Braden, Lewis
20221102WedPMGateway to GladnessPsalms 126:1-6Braden, Lewis
20221030SunPMA Day In God’s Courts Is BetterPsalms 84:9-12Rodriguez, David
20221019WedPMMissionary to Liberia2Tim 2:2Osborn,Rick
20221009SunPMShoulda, Coulda, WouldaPsalms 81:13-16Leathley, Matt
20221009SunAMTitus & The Unnamed BrothersII Cor 8:16-22Leathley, Matt
20221009SunSSPrinciples of SupportingI Cor 9:7-14Leathley, Matt
20221008SatPMGiving Beyond Our PowerII Cor 8:9-12Leathley, Matt
20221007FriPMProve It!II Cor 2:9Leathley, Matt
20221002SunAMDo You Truly Love God?Prov 22:17-21Braden, Lewis
20220911SunPM…And They Were Full of EyesRev 4:8Braden, Lewis
20220911SunAM…And The Hearts of Kings is UnsearchablePro 25:1-3Braden, Lewis
20220911SunSSWho Then Can Be Saved?Mark 10:13-27Braden, Lewis
20220828SunPMThe Ministry of PrayerI Thes 5:25Bennett, Kevin
20220817WedPMThe Christian LifeMat 6:31-34Andaya, Boanerge
20220814SunPMThe Eight Stages of SanctificationII Peter 1:4Engesath, David
20220814SunAMWhen Is The Judgment Seat of Christ?Hosea 6:2Engesath, David
20220814SunSSAre You Prepared For The Judgment Seat of Christ?Isaiah 64:8Engesath, David
20220810WedPMMary & MarthaMat 26:6Engesath, David
20220731SunAMParable of Jericho RoadLuke 10:30-37Hamby, Eddie
20220717SunAMThe Trinity of God In HistoryI John 5:5-12Braden, Lewis
20220717SunSSThe Rudest They Could BeMark 9:30-40Braden, Lewis
20220710SunPMThe Parable of the PoundsLuke 19:11-27Braden, Lewis
20220703SunPMThe Highest GoalPhil 3:8Rogers, Mark
20220703SunAMDear Jesus, Please Go AwayMark 5:17Rogers, Mark
20220703SunSSGuard The TruthPhil 3:1-7Rogers, Mark
20220626SunPMBoaz The RedeemerRuth 4:6Braden, Lewis
20220608WedPMWhy It Is Wise To Win SoulsProv 11:30Ayers, Meryl
20220605SunPMHeavyweight ProphecyDaniel 2Braden, Lewis
20220605SunAMRemember the WindExo 10:3-15Braden, Lewis
20220501SunAMWhy Do People Still Go to Hell?Isaiah 53:6Braden, Lewis
20220403SunAMHow To Get Ready For New JerusalemMat 6:19-21Braden, Lewis
20220313SunAMThe Last Mistake You’ll Ever MakeMat 27:62-66Braden, Lewis
20220306SunPMWhat Are You Going To Do When The New Wears Off?Jud 15:15-19Griffis, George
20220306SunSSBe Fruitful With The WordJohn 15:1-2Griffis, George
20220305SatPMMore Than Just A Jawbone In The Hands of GodJudges 15:15Griffis, George
20220304FriPMKeep Your HeartsMat 18:1-6Griffis, George
20220206SunAMFact + Faith = FeelingEphesians 4:19Braden, Lewis
20220130SunPMAre You A VolunteerMark 2:5Frye, Bruce
20220130SunAMBruce’s TestimonyPsalms 40:1-3Frye, Bruce
20220130SunSSLeaving Your Past BehindPhilippians 3:13-14Frye, Bruce
20220109SunPMWhere Are Your Treasures?Matthew 6:21Lapish, Tim
20220102SunPMHow To Die DesolateIsaiah 38:1-22Braden, Lewis
20220102SunAMThe Four Phases of the Christian ExperienceMatthew 16:16-18Leathley, Bob
20220102SunSSTabernacle Has One DoorHebrews 2:9Leathley, Bob
20211229WedPMLord, Plead My CausePsalms 35Braden, Lewis
20211205SunPMSalt In The ChurchII Kings 2:19-22Braden, Lewis
20211205SunAMOf A Goodly HeritagePsalms 16:1-7Leathley, Matt
20211204SatPMAlways Abounding1 Corinthians 15:58Cook, Jay
20211203FriPMSome Things That RemainActs 27:40-44Leathley, Bob
20211202ThuPMWhat’s Your Name?Genesis 32:3Westover, John Paul
20211201WedPMThe PearlIsaiah 61:1-2Ayers, Merle
20211114SunAMFamine of HearingAmos 8:11-12Dunn, Swawn
20211107SunAMNo Through TrafficMark 11:15-19Braden, Lewis
20211103WedPMIf Only We AskPsalms 2Braden, Lewis
20211024SunPMMission to UkraineActs 14:27Rue, Chris
20211003SunPMGrace: Conquering Christ’s CommandEph 4:1-7Meyer, Zane
20211003SunAMHow Badly Do You Want Somebody To Get Saved?Rom 9:1-3Meyer, Zane
20211003SunSSFaith & Victory: Their Effects On MissionsRom 10:17Meyer, Zane
20210929WedPMThe Life That We Have LeftPsalm 31Ayers,Merle
20210926SunPMGod’s Mercy to MissionsPsalms 67:1-7Frizzell, Paul
20210926SunAMGod, Our ShephardPsalms 23:1-6Williams, Jared
20210912SunAMThe Word of GodII Tim 3:16Marshall, Joe
20210912SunPMWhen Trouble ComesJob 3:26Braden, Lewis
20210912SunSSThe Great ComissionActs 1:8Marshall, Joe
20210829SunPMAnd She Poured Out2 Kings 4:1Brenly, Amery
20210815SunPMDo What You Can For Jesus ChristMark 14:3Nayak, Wisdom
20210808SunPMForgivenessEph 4:24-31Morrison, Robbie
20210808SunAMWhat Is Church For, Anyway?Eph 3:10Morrison, Robbie
20210808SunSSThe Battle Rages On2Tim 2:3-4Morrison, Robbie
20210801SunPMOne Down, Four To Go1Sam 17:40Leathley, Matt
20210704SunPMThe Path To ConfusionGen 1:1Leathley, Matt
20210704SunAMLove Thy NeighbourMark 12:28-34Braden, Lewis
20210606SunAMWhom Seek Ye ?John 18:1-9Braden, Lewis
20210502SunAMTaste And See That The Lord Is GoodPsalms 34:1-11Braden, Lewis
20210502SunAMTaste And See That The Lord Is GoodPsa 34:1-11Braden, Lewis
20210418SunPMAhead of the StormJohn 4Stertz, Joshua
20210411SunAMIf They Would TestifyActs 26:5Braden, Lewis
20210328SunPMGreat is Thy FaithfulnessLam 3:22-26Fetter,Dave
20210328SunAMMen Ought Always to PrayLuke 18:1-8Fetter,Dave
20210328SunSSThe First PassoverExo 4:21-23Fetter, Dave
20210312FriPMAmerica In The Shadow of the CrossLuke 23:33Hamblin, John
20210311ThuPMWhy I Witness The Way I DoIsaiah 44:8Hamblin, John
20210309TuePMOne Phrase That Will Get You Thru All The Storms Of LifeActs 22:17Hamblin, John
20210307SunPMRevival at Dry Bones Baptist ChurchEze 37:1-8Hamblin, John
20210307SunAMThings You’ll Surely Believe in HellLuke 16:23Hamblin, John
20210307SunSSThe First Thing You Must Do To Get Revival1 Chr 7:14Hamblin, John
20210221SunPMLiving by Faith2Cor 5:7Behman, Tom
20210207SunAMFear & JudgmentEcc 12:1-14Braden,Lewis
20210203WedPMTeach Us To PrayLuke 11:1-2Griffis, George
20210203WedPMNight In The BibleGen 1:1-5Kinsey, Buster
20210117SunPMThe Wrath of GodPsalms 9:17-20Reiner, Seth
20210103SunAMVirtue Over VanityEcclesiastes 11Braden, Lewis
20201230WedPMThe False GospelGal 1:6-8Matthews, Gary
20201213SunAMFrustration With FoolsEcc 10Braden, Lewis
20201206SunPMBeing a Soldier For Christ2Timothy 2:1-5Gipp, Sam
20201206SunAM29th Anniversary CelebrationIsaiah 44:6-8Gipp, Sam
20201206SunSSWhy The Bible Above Other Books?1 Kings 12Gipp, Sam
20201204FriPMWhy You Can’t Read Your BibleJob 23:12Gipp, Sam
20201129SunAMResponding to SufferingRuth 1:6-14Leathley, Matt
20201115SunPMMissionary to the MilitaryMatt 28:18Clingaman, Bruce
20201025SunPMCouriers for ChristMatt 5:14-16Stertz, Don
20201021WedPMWhat is RevivalRev 2:5Matthews, Gary
20201003SatPMBut Continue Thou II2 Peter 3:8Harding, Chuck
20200927SunPMPure ReligionJames 1:27Bergey, Brent
20200923WedPMSoul WinningJohn 4:35-38Midkiff, Jonathan
20200916WedPMPaul’s Challenge To Timothy2Timothy 1:1-14Ayers,Merle
20200906SunPMKnowledge and the KingEcc.8:1-5Braden,Lewis
20200906SunAMRedounding For His Glory2Cor 4:7-16Braden, Lewis
20200830SunPMTestimony In Mexico City1 Corinthians 9:19-23Wallace, Mike
20200809SunPMConstraint of Missions, TheActs 1:1-9Overfelt, Ryan
20200809SunAMLiving A God-Centered LifeGenesis 39:7Leathley, Matt
20200802SunAMBetter BeliefsEcclesiastes 7Braden, Lewis
20200726SunAMTestimony & Missions PresentationCastellaw, Tom
20200726SunSSReturning With Christ To ArmageddonPsalm 33:4-5Castellaw, Tom
20200705SunPMDesires Of The HeartPsalm 37:1-5Rogers, Mark
20200705SunAMThe Blessed NationPsalm 33:8-12Rogers, Mark
20200624WedPMVirtue2 Pet 1:1Ayers, Merle
20200621SunPMThe Men Who Brought A Man To JesusMark 2:1-12Bartel, Jonathan
20200603WedPMVoices1 Cor 14:1-10Mathews, Gary
20200503SunAMLiving and LeavingEcc 5Braden Lewis
20200415WedPMComfort in JudgmentPsalm 119:52Braden, Lewis
20200405SunAMConsider the ComforterEcc 4Braden, Lewis
20200318WedPMThe Master of PainLuke 9:37-42Kinsey, Buster
20200317TuePMThe Master of PerceptionLuke 8:43-48Kinsey, Buster
20200316MonPMThe Master of PeaceMark 4:35-41Kinsey, Buster
20200315SunPMThe Master of our ProfessionLuke 5:1-11Kinsey, Buster
20200315SunAMThe Master of ProblemsJohn 20:10-16Kinsey, Buster
20200315SunSSThe Meaning of ContentmentPhil 4:6-12Kinsey, Buster
20200301SunPMThe Men of Psalm 32Psalm32Thompson, Dean
20200226WedPMSimplicity in Christ2 Cor 1:12Ayers, Merle
20200223SunPMPractical MinistriesTitus 2Braden, Lewis
20200223SunAMWay of the WorldEcc 3Braden, Lewis
20200223SunSSA Season For EverythingEcc 3:1-15Mathews, Gary
20200216SunPMDirected to the DesertAct 8:26-39Whitlow, Jerry
20200202SunAMStruggle For Significance, TheEcc 2Braden, Lewis
20200119SunPMBirthmarks of BeliefHeb 11:1Fennell, Bill
20200105SunAMThe Night And The WatchmanIsaiah 21:11-12Braden, Lewis
20200101WedPMA New Year1 Cor 16:1-9Mathews, Gary
20191208SunPMGood Things In HellLuke 16:19-26Griffis, George
20191208SunAMHolinessExo 38:1-2Griffis, George
20191208SunSSWhat The Young Men Carried OutActs 5:1-10Griffis, George
20191207SatPMDo They See Jesus In Me?Acts 11:26Griffis, George
20191206FriPMNot Desperate EnoughPsalm 80Griffis, George
20191201SunAMThe Preacher and the ProblemEcc 1:1-18Braden, Lewis
20191110SunPMWhat Are You Doing To Prepare For Eternity?Luke 16:1-9Schmidt, Mike
20191108FriPMGood And Perfect GiftsJames 1:17Guiler, Myron
20191103SunAMAbijah’s Sermon On The Mount2 Chr 13:1-16Braden, Lewis
20191027SunPMAll Tied UpMark 11:7-10Saka, Michael
20191020SunPMPaul’s Revealing MessageActs 13:16-41Ayers, Merle
20191020SunAMCase For The Common ColdJohn 11:4Braden, Lewis
20191020SunSSGod’s Will For UsRom 12:1-2Mathews, Gary
20190901SunPMTemptationMatthew 4:1-11Mathews, Gary
20190811SunAMI Must Be About My Father’s BusinessLuk 2:41-52Lambert, Michael
20190721SunAMWhy Have An Altar?Heb 13:10Braden, Lewis
20190721SunSSStudy For Our Final ExamPsa 15Matthews, Gary
20190619WedPMNow is the Time to Forget the
Past and Go Forward
Ezra 2:1Ayers, Merle
20190616SunPMDarkened Minds2 Cor 4:3Pizo, Justin
20190602SunAMGospel of WormsIsa 41:1-14Braden, Lewis
20190519SunPMLoosed From What Has You All Tied UpLuke 19:28-38Hinkle, John
20190519SunAMLoving Without LimitsMark 14:1-9Hinkle, John
20190519SunSSImportant or Necessary?Luke 10Hinkle, John
20190505SunPMDavid Prepares For Goliath1 Samuel 17:16-40Norman, Mark
20190428SunPMWhat David Lost, And How He Got It Back1 Samuel 27Ayers, Merle
20190428SunAMMary & Martha, At Your ServiceLuke 10:38-42Braden, Lewis
20190428SunSSProverbs Wisdom1 Chronicles 22Mathews, Gary
20190407SunPMSpiritual Sacrifice of ThanksgivingHeb 13:10-16Mooberry, Matthew
20190407SunAMWhy The Hardness?Exodus 9:27-35Braden, Lewis
20190324SunAMI Won’t Settle For Anything Less
Than God’s Best
Joshua 14:6-14Hollis, Brian
20190324SunSSIntegrityPsalm 26Ayers, Merle
20190304MonPMI Want To Be That OneLuke 17:11-19Hamblin, John
20190303SunAMSay On, PreacherActs 13:14-16Hamblin, John
20190305TuePMForget About 40 Winks If You Failed
To Bring a Pillow
Mark 4:35-41Hamblin, John
20190303SunPMSin That’s Gotta GoMat 13:53-58Hamblin, John
20190303SunSSSeven Decisions I’m Glad I MadeDan 1:1-7Hamblin, John
20190220WedPMPreoccupation With The InsignificantLuke 14:15-24Mathews, Gary
20190217SunPMGlorious Story1 Timothy 1:1-20Ayers, Merle
20190217SunAMDo You Know Him?Jeremiah 9:23-24Braden, Lewis
20190217SunSSSalt of the EarthMatthew 5:13-16Mathews, Gary
20190210SunPMPersonal TestimonyPhilippians 4:4-8Herman, Dave
20190203SunAMStepping Into LibertyGalatians 4-5:1Braden, Lewis
20190106SunAMJoseph The GentleGen 45:1-15Braden, Lewis
20181223SunPMFaithfulness of Elisha2 Kings 2:1-8Leathley, Matt
20181212WedPMWork Out Your Own SalvationPhilippians 2:12-16Rogers, Mark
20181211TuePMHe’s God and You’re NotPhil 2:5-11Rogers, Mark
20181210MonPMThe Importance of UnityPhil 2:1-4Rogers, Mark
20181209SunAMServe The Lord With GladnessPsa 100Rogers, Mark
20181209SunSSDaniels FaithfulnessDan 6:1-3Rogers, Mark
20181209SunPMWhat Belongs To GodMark 12:13-17Rogers, Mark
20181202SunAMJoseph the GreatGen 39:1-9Braden, Lewis
20181104SunAMFocusProverbs 18:9Braden, Lewis
20181021SunPMWhat Will You Give Up?Luke 14:25-35Stelzig, Roy
20181007SunPMFaithfulness1 Cor 4:1-2Fetter, Daniel
20181007SunAMTake Up Your AnchorsActs 27:39-44Fetter, Dave
20181007SunSSWithout Wickedness?1 Kings 1:5Fetter, Dave
20181006SatPMWhat Are You Living For?Matthew 6:19Fetter, Daniel
20180930SunPMPaul’s TestimonyActs 26Canavan, Sean
20180923SunAMYour AttitudePro 25:28Zajac, Mitch
20180902SunAMThe Fearful GodHeb 10:31Braden, Lewis
20180818SunAMA Place of BlessingGen 53:1-15Leathley, Robert
20180818SunSSTeach Us LordPs 110, Mat 22:41-44Leathley, Robert
20180815WedAMA Servant’s QualificationsActs 6:1-7Ayres, Merle
20180812SunPMWith God All This Are PossibleMark 10:17-24Miyashita, James
20180808WedPMWaitIsa 40:28-31Mathews, Gary
20180805SunAMNames In HeavenPhil 4:1-3Braden, Lewis
20180722SunPMLove The Lord With AllMark 12:28-33Ruppel, Rodney
20180715SunSSThe Osbornes – Testimony Brother Osborn
20180701SunAMI Sought For A ManEzek 22:23-31Braden, Lewis
20180617SunPMSamaritan WomanJohn 4:4-7Woodworth, Eric
20180603SunAMWhat Do You Need?Rev 3:14-19Braden, Lewis
20180530WedPMA Type of ChristEx 3:1-5Mathews, Gary
20180527SunPM3 Men And A PotII Kings 4:1-7Leathley, Matt
20180527SunAMThere Shall Be A PlaceDeut 12:1-5, 11:1Leathley, Matt
20180527SunSSA Bible StudentNumbers 1Leathley, Matt
20180520SunPMNeed of God’s Power, TheJohn 3:9Corpio, Victor
20180425WedPMMisplaced LoveRev 2:1-7Mathews, Gary
20180422SunPMFacing the EndII Tim 4:6-13Westover, John
20180422SunAMThe Mighty Have FallenII Sam 1:11Leathley, Robert
20180422SunSSAs in the Days of NoahMat 24:32-46Leathley, Robert
20180404WedPMTo What Purpose Is This WasteMat 26:6-9Dobbins, Mike
20180314WedPMA Comeback For The AgesActs 1:12-14Hamblin, John
20180311SunAMCrucified With HimMat 27:38Griffiths, George
20180311SunSSDoes God Speak To Me?Mat 1:18-22Griffiths, George
20180309FriPMLove One AnotherI Cor 11:23Griffiths, George
20180304SunAMWitnessingActs 1:8Marshall, Joe
20180221WedPMResponsable LivingI Thes 1:1-10Matthews, Gary
20180218SunPMSalt Of The EarthMat 5:13Matthews, Gary
20180128SunAMGifts of God, TheEcc 3:13Lapish, Tim
20171231SunSSHow To Be BlessedJer 17:5-8Leathley, Matt
20171224SunAMWhy Shepherds?Luke 2:8Westover, John
20171210SunPMDo It With All Thy MightEcc 9:10Kinsey, Buster
20171210SunAMIs Jesus Missing?Luke 2:41-52Kinsey, Buster
20171210SunSSPotter And The Clay, TheJer 18:1-4Kinsey, Buster
20171209SatPMJacob’s TroubleGen 45Kinsey, Buster
20171208FriPMIntercessory PrayerI Sam 12:23Kinsey, Buster
20171203SunPMFellowshipEx 19:1-8Westover, John
20171126SunPMReturn Of The King, TheII Sam 19:9Braden, Lewis
20171117FriPMMarrieta ChoirGuiler, Myron
20171029SunPMAre You Evangelizing?I Pet 3:15Wyler, Douglas
20171029SunAMCall Unto MeJer 33:1-3Wyler, Douglas
20171029SunSSAuthority Of God’s Word, TheII Tim 3:14-17Wyler, Douglas
20171008SunPMProblems Missionaries FaceActs 15:1-40Morrison, Robbie
20171008SunSSStewardshipLuke 16:1-2Morrison, Robbie
20171007SatPMOur RelationshipJohn 20:1-4Morrison, Robbie
20171006FriPMGoing To The VineyardProv 24:27Morrison, Robbie
20170917SunPMDoctrine Of HellMark 9:43Zajac, Mitch
20170910SunPMTruth or Want?I King 22:1-25Bard, Tom
20170910SunAMBear ItI Cor 10:13Bard, Tom
20170910SunSSResurrection Changed EverythingLuke 24:1-8Bard, Tom
20170719WedPMLord’s Watchful Eye, TheMat 8:14-15Braden, Lewis
20170813SunPMGod’s PatiencePs 103:8Planck, Stetson
20170806SunPMLiving A Clean Life In A Fallen WorldEphesiansReeling, Dennis
20170806SunAM16 Deeds Of The DevilI Pet 5:6-11Weirich, Terry
20170806SunSSPractical FaithHeb 11:1-19Weirich, Terry
20170723SunPMDavid FriendshipI Sam 23:1-15Westover, John
20170719WedPMLord’s Watchful Eye, TheMat 8:14-15
20170702SunPMWeary Servant, TheJer 32Leathley, Bob
20170628WedPMGood News, TheI Cor 15:1-4Edmunds, Gary
20170625SunPMA Branch Of JesseIsa 11:1-9Westover, John
20170618SunPMMeasure and ReachII Cor 10:12-17Stertz, Don
20170528SunPMGraceRuth 2:1-3Westover, John
20170521SunPMLightMat 5:13-16Tinkle, John
20170423SunPMNeed Of Samuel, TheI Sam 3:11-21Hamilton, Paul
20170402SunPMBattle For The Soul, TheI Sam 17:1-4, 24-29Wright, J.R.
20170326SunAMPrayerPsm 72:18-20Westover, John
20170308WedPMI Determined This With MyselfII Cor 2:1-4Hamblin, John
20170307TuePMBetter Under The BucketNum 24:7Hamblin, John
20170306MonPMPreaching Jesus Would Go To HearMat 3:13-17Hamblin, John
20170305SunPMGet In The HouseLuke 15:25-32Hamblin, John
20170305SunAMTheology Of The ThiefLuke 23:33Hamblin, John
20170305SunSSSunday School TeachingActs 2:1-2Hamblin, John
20170226SunPMObedience To The FaithRom 1:1-6Westover, John
20170222WedPMHarvest Is Certain, TheGal 6:9Mathews, Gary
20170212SunPMWord Declaired, ThePsm 19:1-14Medeiros, Travis
20170205SunPMPerishingNum 16:46Ching, Nathan
20170129SunPMFinishHeb 12:1-2Frye, Bruce
20170129SunAMSalvationI John 5:13Frye, Bruce
20170129SunSSAshes or Crowns?I Cor 3:11-15Frye, Bruce
20170111WedPMHow To Keep The Fires BurningRom 12:1-13Mathews, Gary
20170101SunPMHold FastRev 2:18-25Leathley, Robert
20161218SunAMCome Let Us Adore himMat 2:1-11Westover, John
20161218SunSSVision & ImaginationI Cor 5:16Mathews, Gary
20161212SunPMIn The Midst Of The FireDan 3:19-21Wilcox, Doug
20161212SunAMCall Of ElishaI Kings 19:19-21Westover, John
20161212SunSSTrial And ErrorPro 15:22Mathews, Gary
20161204SunPMRevival Is HardPsm 85:6Blunkall, Buddy
20161204SunAMBehold Your GodIsa 40:9Blunkall, Buddy
20161204SunSSNegative Metal AttitudePhil 4:13Mathews, Gary
20161202FriPMAre You Ready To Meet God?Job 14:1-5Morrison, Robbie
20161130WedPMWisdom Of Little ThingsPro 30:24-28Mathews, Gary
20161127SunPMGodly RequirementsDeut 10:12Gerbino, John
20161127SunAMBe StillPsm 46:10Westover, John
20161127SunSSLife LessonsJohn 21:20-22Mathews, Gary
20161122WedPM7 Steps To The Pig PenLuke 15:12-16Edmunds, Gary
20161120SunPMBetrayed By FriendsLuke 22:21-23Leathley, Robert
20161120SunAMGive ThanksI Thes 5:18Westover, John
20161120SunSSOur Responsibility To TeachPsm 71:18Mathews, Gary
20161116WedPMA Neglected SalvationHeb 2:1-3Edmunds, Gary
20161113SunPMStay The CourseExo 32:1Wilcox, Doug
20161113SunAMOur Light AfflictionII Cor 4:8-18Westover, John
20161113SunSSHindsightPsm 7:18Mathews, Gary
20161109WedPMGrowing Your FaithI Kings 17:1-6Skean, Jonathan
20161106SunPMDon’t Waste A Good TrialJames 1:1-4Rochester, Brady
20161106SunAMRoot Of The Problem, TheIsa 14:12-17Westover, John
20161106SunSSPurpose Of Prayer, TheEph 4:14-21Mathews, Gary
20161030SunPMChanging The TemperatureRev 3:14-19Westover, John
20161030SunAMEnemy Is You, TheII Tim 4:6-7Aadaya, Boanerges
20161030SunSSLost LoveRev 2:1-5Andaya, Michael
20161023SunPMPaul’s FightI Tim 1:11-15Hamilton, Terry
20161019WedPMPeace Of God, TheII Kings 4:8-17Zajac, Mitch
20161008SatPMSend Them ForthMat 9:36-38Morrison, Robbie
20161009SunAMMeaning Of Missions, TheII Cor 1:11Morrison, Robbie
20161009SunSSPray For UsII Thes 3:1-3Morrison, Robbie
20161009SunPMGiving TeachesII Cor 8:5Morrison, Robbie
20161007FriPMSowing The FieldIS 30:21-25Morrison, Robbie
20160831SunPMManiac Of GaderaLuke 8:26-40Rudolph, Anthony
20160828SunPMSet Your AffectionsCol 3:1-7Westover, John
20160821SunPMWhat Would You Have Me Do?John 2:1-11Sixt, Don
20160731SunAMBlood Of Jesus Christ, TheMat 27:50-51Walker, Jim
20160720WedPMSpiritual HealthHeb 10:22-25Hoffman, Brent
20160717SunPMPromise Of The SpiritJohn 14:16-20Westover, John
20160717SunAMWhy There Is A HellMat 25:35-46Wirick, Terry
20160717SunSSJob To Be Done, TheTitus 1:1-5Wirick, Terry
20160703SunPMNoah’s WorkHeb 11Kinsey, Buster
20160703SunAMNoah’s DayGen 6:1-12Kinsey, Buster
20160703SunSSAnswer To Evil TacticsNeh 6:1-10Kinsey, Buster
20160629WedPMThought PurifierPhil 4:89Westover, John
20160622WedPMHeresies Among YouI Cor 11:17-22Westover, John
20160612SunPMNahman – GehaziII Kings 5-8Zajac, Mitch
20160525WedPMValuing The Church PastorEph 4:11-13Westover, John
20160515SunPMA Servant’s MindPhil 2:5-8Res, John
20160515SunAMMiddle Man, TheJohn 3:16Westover, John
20160515SunSSHow Shall We ExcapeHeb 2:3Edmunds, Gary
20160427WedPMHaving A Bountiful HarvestII Cor 9:6-10Johnson, Doyle
20160424SunPMFret NotPsm 37-1-8Kreh, Eric
20160417SunPMI Will Make You BecomeMark 1:14-20Westover, John
20160316WedPMHonour The Holy ThingsII Sam 6:1-23Matthews, Gary
20160310ThrPMJesus Knows Our HeartJohn 2:23-25Griffis, George
20160309WedPMGet In The FightI Sam 17:1-3Griffis, George
20160308TuePMWhat Is The Greatest Thing?I Cor 13:13Griffis, George
20160307MonPMDoing MoreHeb 10:19-25Griffis, George
20160306SunPMWhat Manner Of ManII Kings 2:17Griffis, George
20160306SunAMKnow The BibleII Tim 3:15-17Griffis, George
20160306SunSSDifference Between Salvation And DiscipleshipJohn 8:24Griffis, George
20160228SunPMII Corinthians 5II Cor 5:17Westover, John
20160207SunAMThe Curse, The Cross, The CureLuke 16:19-31Hofacker, Chris
20160207SunSSCreated For GodCol 1:15-17, Rev 4:11Hofacker, Chris
20160117SunPMCall To MinisterCol 1:25Hinson, Michael
20160110SunPMA Fall Because Of PrideJohn 13:1Westover, John
20151207MonPMWe Have Seen Strange ThingsLuke 5:17-26Guiler, Myron
20151202WedPMWait On The LordPs 27:1-4, 9-14Rogers, Mark
20151201TuePMIdolatry And WitchcraftGal 5:16-24Rogers, Mark
20151130MonPMGodliness – A DirectionI Tim 4:7-9Rogers, Mark
20151129SunPMBest We Have, TheHeb 13:5-6Rogers, Mark
20151129SunSSBattle With Bitterness, TheEph 4:26-32Frye, Bruce
20151122SunPMFinal Remarks On SalvationI John 5:13Westover, John
20151115SunPMPower Of Testimony, TheJohn 12:9-19Bauman, Edward
20151108SunAMWhich Shield Would You Carry?II Chron 12:9Doney, Mike
20151025SunPMNothing Without CharityI Cor 13:1-3Roberts, Mike
20151004SunPMA Blessing From God’s WordDeut 7:9Ferris, Mike
20151004SunSSPresentation Of MinistryActs 16:32Ferris, Mike
20151003SatPMLabourers EmpoweredMat 9:37-38Meier, Cory
20151002FriPMGreat Commission, The28:18-20Ford, Mike
20150927SunPMUngodly EmotionsIsa 41:10Westover, John
20150920SunPMA Challenge GivenRom 10:8-15Stewart, Paul
20150823SunPMField Of The Slothful, TheProv 24:30-34Westover, John
20150823SunAMPerfect In ChristCol 1:20-29Westover, John
20150823SunSSYe Ought To Humble YourselfJohn 13:13-15Edmunds, Gary
20150819WedPMBlood Sprinkled Book, TheHeb 9Mathews, Gary
20150816SunPMWhat Is The Gospel?Col 1Bateman, Shawn
20150726SunPMFailure Of God’s PeopleI Sam 17Walker, Jim
20150726SunAMWalk Of FaithMat 14:22-33Walker, Jim
20150726SunSSDiscrepancy ?Mark 15:24Walker, Jim
20150712SunPMSpiritual UnconciousnessEx 34:29Morales, Chris
20150707TuePMImportance Of Little DecisionsJames 4:13-17Kinsey, Buster
20150705SunPMPrecious Passages In Peculiar PlacesI Chron 4:9-10Kinsey, Buster
20150705SunAMIn Their DayLuke 17:26-29Kinsey, Buster
20150705SunSSNehemiah’s PrayerNeh 1:1-11Kinsey, Buster
20150628SunPMHungry For The WordNeh 8:1-8Dunlap, Mark
20150617WedPMWalk With ChristI John 2:5Westover, John
20150610WedPMWhen God Hides His FaceJob 34:29Leathley, Matt
20150603WedPMAdaptingI Cor 9:19-23Leathley, Matt
20150531SunPMRevivalPsm 51:1-13Zajac, Mitch
20150524SunAMWhile At AthensActs 17:13-17Leathley, Matt
20150524SunSSWay To The CityMat 21:1-11Mathews, Gary
20150520WedPMWho Is My Neighbor?Luke 10:25-37Ball, Arthur
20150517SunPMThe Way to the CityJoshua 3-4Mathews, Gary
20150517SunAMWorshipRev 5:1Westover, John
20150517SunSSHard To UnderstandI Cor 15:31Edmunds, Gary
20150503SunPMValue Of A ThoughtJob 1:34Millar, Josh
20150426SunPMWhat Do You Do When The
Lights Go Out
Isa 50:10Whitlow, Jerry
20150426SunSSDiscipleshipEx 18:13-27Robinson, Chad
20150422WedPMUnderstanding Of The TimesI Chron 12:32Mathews, Gary
20150419SunPMPaul’s Prayer List IIPhil 1:8Westover, John
20150412SunPMMissionary To RussiaActs 20:17Sinde, Brian
20150329SunPMEating And DrinkingMat 24:35-39Harrison, Roger
20150311WedPMHang On To Your SwordII Sam 23:10Hamblin, John
20150310TuePMGet Me Unto The Great MenJer 5:5Hamblin, John
20150309MonPMGetting To The Next LevelIsa 40:31Hamblin, John
20150308SunPMNeed Revival NowPsm 85:6Hamblin, John
20150308SunAMPlaces That Never Leave YouLuke 23:33Hamblin, John
20150308SunSSThey Lighted Their ShipActs 27:18Hamblin, John
20150222SunPMSecret of Catching Men, TheLuke 5:1-10Wiricks, Adam
20150208SunSSTen Commandments, TheEx 20Mathews, Gary
20150125SunPMGetting A Grip On Your BibleEph 6:17Westover, John
20150118SunAMPreaching The WordJohn 1:1-2Enoch, Ron
20150118SunSSCharity – Love In ActionI Cor 13:1-6Mathews, Gary
20150111SunSSNo More SeasRev 1:9Mathews, Gary
20141228SunPMMercy Of God, ThePsm 40:11-12Westover, John
20141228SunAMWhy We LivePhil 1:20-24, II Cor 5:1-8Leathley, Bob
20141228SunSSAerial Overview: ChasteningHeb 12:1-10Leathley, Bob
20141221SunSSGod’s TimeGal 4:4-5Edmunds, Gary
20141214SunSSBeauty In The AdventureIsa 35Mathews, Gary
20141207SunSSA Study In Ruth 3Ruth 3Mathews, Gary
20141130SunPMPurpose For Service, TheEph 3:19Westover, John
20141130SunSSA Study In Ruth 4Ruth 4Mathews, Gary
20141123SunSSRuth 2Ruth 2Matthews, Gary
20141116SunSSRuth 1Ruth 1Matthews, Gary
20141109SunPMGod Loves usJohn 15:9-15Cleveland, John
20141109SunSSA Study In Ruth – Dark TimesRuth 1:1-5Matthews, Gary
20141102SunPMKingdom of God, TheMat 6:24-35Braden, Louis
20141102SunSSPrayerLuke 11:9-10Edmunds, Gary
20141026SunPMLittle Missionary, TheI Thes 2:16Westover, John
20141026SunSSMeeting Life’s RequirementsJohn 9:4Matthews, Gary
20141024FriPMUnchanging God, TheLuke 15:1-2Guiler, Myron
20141019SunPMPerfect Law Of LibertyJames 1:19-25Bard, Tom
20141019SunSSContentionII Cor 10:1-6Bard, Tom
20141012SunSSLove Of God, TheJohn 13:34Edmunds, Gary
20141005SunSSFollow JesusMat 4:18-22Fetter, Dave
20141005SunAMWilling GivingII Cor 8:1-2Heath, Dalton
20141004SatPMGivingActs 11:22-30Heath, Dalton
20141003FriPMNo RegretsI Kings 8:41-43Heath, Dalton
20140921SunPMWhat To Do When You Don’t Know
What To Do
II Chron 20:1-13Blunkall, Buddy
20140921SunAMNowPro 27:1Blunkall, Buddy
20140921SunSS6 EssentialsII Peter 1:10Blunkall, Buddy
20140820WedPMOrpah’s DecisionRuth 1:1-16Gipp, Sam
20140819TuePMRoadsJer 31:21Gipp, Sam
20140818MonPMWhat I Did Not Know When I Got SavedRom 10:13Gipp, Sam
20140817SunPMStrengthen The Things That RemainRev 3:1-2Gipp, Sam
20140817SunAMImportant BooksMat 26:30Gipp, Sam
20140817SunSSBiblical ElectionIsa 45:4Gipp, Sam
20140813WedPMSalvationHeb 2:3Matthews, Gary
20140803SunPMJesus Burden For The LostJohn 12:20-26Canavan, Sean
20140727SunPMFulfilling A PromiseII Chr 7:1-3Walker, Jim
20140727SunAMTemple, TheJohn 2:13-17Walker, Jim
20140727SunSSWho Jesus IsPhil 2:5-11Walker, Jim
20140720SunPMLamb, TheJohn 1:29DeVerna, Wayne
20140720SunAMDon’t Settle For the CrumbsMat 15:21-28, Mark 7:24-30Leathley, Robert
20140720SunSSJudgement Of BelieversMat 16:27Leathley, Robert
20140716WedPMRepair Our AltarI Kings 18:30Allen, Matt
20140706SunPMGod Changeth NotJames 1:17Robinson, Sam
20140706SunAMSeek And SaveLuke 19:1-10Robinson, Sam
20140629SunPMCounterfit ChristiansII Tim 3:1-7Montgomery, Mark
20140622SunPMLibertyII Cor 3:17Westover, John
20140615SunSSEffect Of Sin On Fellowship, TheJames 1:13-16Leathley, Robert
20140608SunPMJohn The BaptistLuke 1:15-29Hauser, Joel
20140608SunSSChristian ConscienceRom 2:12-16Westover, Ben
20140608SunPMJohn The BaptistLuke 1:15-29Hauser, Joel
20140608SunSSChristian ConscienceRom 2:12-16Westover, Ben
20140518SunPMPrayer and WitnessCol 4:2-6Staley, Doug
20140518SunSSRead the BiblePs 119:105Miller, Paul
20140511SunPMService Of Christian WomenJohn 4:31-38Westover, John
20140511SunAMA Good GiftJames 1:17Leathley, Robert
20140511SunSSMishandling The Word Of GodIs 28:1-7Leathley, Robert
20140427SunPMThree Wonderful WordsPsalm 89:14Westover, John
20140420SunPMDon’t Miss JesusLuke 24:13-17Schwaderer, Nathan
20140330SunPMAddiction To The MinistryI Cor 16:15-18Westover, John
20140319WedPMPrayerI Kings 17:1-16Griffis, George
20140318TuePMSicknessMark 5:25Griffis, George
20140317MonPMCrucifed With HimMat 27:38Griffis, George
20140316SunPMWhole Armor Of GodEph 6:10Griffis, George
20140316SunAMThat They May KnowI John 5:1-13Griffis, George
20140316SunSSExcusesMark 6:35-44Griffis, George
20140223SunPMBurdenHab 1Hodge, Don
20140216SunPMShe Hath Done What She SaidMark 14:3-5Lapish, Tim
20140212WedPMThe WayIsa 55Robinson, Chad
20140126SunPMAre We Really Happy?Rom 14:12Westover, John
20140119SunPMFaith Of Peter, TheMat 14:22-31Fetter, Daniel
20140105SunAMAttempting Something Great For GodI Sam 14:6-10Leathley, Matt
20131229SunPMCan Any Good Thing Come Out
of Nazareth?
John 1:43-46Westover, John
20131218WedPMMoses My Servant Is DeadDuet. 34Mathews, Gary
20131205ThuPMIt May Be True, But Not ImportantGen 17:1-5Rogers, Mark
20131204WedPMWhat You Don’t Know Can Hurt YouHosea 4:1-6Rogers, Mark
20131203TuePMThe FatherLuke 15:11-24Rogers, Mark
20131202MonPMBenefits Of SonshipLuke 15:17-24Rogers, Mark
20131201SunPMWhen You Don’t Know What To DoII Kings 4:25-31Rogers, Mark
20131201SunAMTrue WorshipEzra 6:15Rogers, Mark
20131201SunSSGod Of The Grasshoppers, TheNum 13:26-33Rogers, Mark
20131124SunPMGrace Of Giving, TheII Cor 8:1-9Westover, John
20131117SunPMBiggest Business, TheActs 1:68Zajac, Mitch
20131110SunPMAll You Need Is GodMat. 21:18Bard, Thomas
20131027SunPMGospel Battery, TheJohn 3:20Westover, John
20131013SunPMWhat Motivates YouMat 5:43-48Westover, John
20131006SunPMLightJohn 3:18-19Morrison, Robbie
20131006SunAMFaith IsHeb 11:1Morrison, Robbie
20131006SunSSGod ProvidesI Kings 17:8-16Bogard, Kirk
20131005SatPMThy SeedGal 3:16Morrison, Robbie
20131004FriPMGospel, TheI Cor 15:1-4Morrison, Robbie
20131002WedPMGlorify HimLuke 17:11-17Westover, John
20130929SunPMHow To HaveI Kings 17:1-9Blunkall, Buddy
20130929SunAMWhat Pleases GodI John 3:22Blunkall, Buddy
20130929SunSSHow To Be SavedJohn 20:29-31Blunkall, Buddy
20130904WedPMHard People – Hard TimesEzek 2:1-5Leathley, Matt
20130828WedPMValue Of The Word Of GodPsalm 119:161-168Marshall, Joe
20130825SunPMSlothfulProv 24:30-34Westover, John
20130811SunPMJonah’s MessageJonah 1:1-3Putney, Peter
20130731WedPMResponse To AttackI Sam 28:7-16Leathley, Robert
20130728SunPMHow To Listen To A SermonNeh 8:1-6Westover, John
20130721SunPMGot Preach, The Cast, Why?Matthew 28:18-19Walker, Jim
20130721SunAMAnswer Is RepentanceJeremiah 18:7-9Walker, Jim
20130721SunSSHeritage Of FaithII Kings 11:1-2Walker, Jim
20130712FriPMI Want That MountainJoshua 14:6-15Kinsey, Buster
20130710WedPMMinisterActs 26:16Kinsey, Buster
20130709TuePMPrecious ThingsProv. 12:27Kinsey, Buster
20130713SunPMVisionProverbs 29:18Kinsey, Buster
20130713SunAMSin Is The ProblemII Kings 5:1-3Kinsey, Buster
20130713SunSSA Challenge To The ChurchEph 1:1-7Kinsey, Buster
20130626WedPMJoy and LovePhil 1:1-11Westover, John
20130623SunPMBringing People To JesusMark 2:1-12Cato, Dave
20130609SunPMSword, TheJeremiah 48:10Pahlman, Scot
20130526SunPMMen Ought Always To PrayLuke 18:1-8Westover, John
20130517FriPMJesus Is WonderfulIsaiah 9:6Guiler, Myron
20130501WedPMA Dead End StreetProv 16:25Edmunds, Gary
20130428SunPMWhen God Cuts The GrassIsaiah 40:1-8Westover, John
20130414SunPMThree Things A Missionary NeedsJonah 1:1-3Smith, Preston
20130403WedPMWhen God Changes Your PlansJob 23:13-16, Dan 4:34-37Rue, Christopher
20130331SunPMFalse Teaching? How?John 3:1-7Westover, John
20130320WedPMDiamonds In The DesertI Chr 4:9-10Mathews, Gary
20130304WedPMWhen A Bible Believing Church BackslidesRev 2:1-7Hamblin, John
20130304TuePMGod’s Heavenly HankerchiefRev 7:17Hamblin, John
20130304MonPMGod’s Water BoyJohn 2:1-11Hamblin, John
20130303SunPMWhy The Devil Despises RevivalActs 8:9Hamblin, John
20130303SunAMSimply BeautifulActs 3:1-11Hamblin, John
20130303SunSSStill Not Close EnoughLuke 22:41Hamblin, John
20130210SunPMA Race To RunHeb 12:1-3Stertz, Don
20130123WedPMRevivalPsalm 80:1-4Griffeths, George
20130122TuePMSimple Truth, TheJohn 3:1-10Griffeths, George
20130121MonPMIf My PeopleII Chron 7:13-14Griffeths, George
20130120SunAMSeeing Our FaithMark 2:1-5Griffeths, George
20130120SunSSClose To JesusJohn 13:21-23Griffeths, George
20130120SunPMA Fool Of YourselfLuke 5:16-24Griffeths, George
20130116WedPMWhen I Heard These WordsNeh. 1:1-4McElearth, Mark
20130106SunPMWhere There Is No VisionProverbs 29:18Brown, Daniel
20121219WedPMGifts To RememberMatthew 2:1-13Edmunds, Gary
20121128WedPMInstructions To A Young WomanII Tim 2:20-22Anger, Al
20121125SunPMConscienceActs 24:16Westover, John
20121118SunPMA “Have To” ChristianJonah 1:1John Walz
20121028SunSSPoliticsPs 33:1-12Harding, Chuck
20121028SunAMWhat Is LibertyActs 22:19-28Harding, Chuck
20121027SatPMPledge To Our FlagIs 1:1-18Harding, Chuck
20121026FriPMTruth, TheEzra 7:25Harding, Chuck
20121007SunAMMoney and GivingII Cor 9:1-15Sowell, Rick
20121007SunPMAttitudeMat 26:1-13Sowell, Rick
20121007SunSSDiscouraged?Hebrews 1:1-2Sowell, Rick
20121006SatPMPurpose Of The Story, The (baskets)John 6:5-13Sowell, Rick
20121005FriPMWe Win The Battle!Jer. 32:1-10Sowell, Rick
20120930SunPMSham Master, TheI Thess 4:11-12Westover, John
20120916SunPMAre You Scared?I Sam 22:22-23Trump, Robert
20120902SunPMWhat To Do When You Don’t Know
What To Do
II Chron 20:1-13Blunkall, Buddy
20120902SunSSMind Of Christ, ThePhil 2:1Blunkall, Buddy
20120902SunAMRevive UsPsalm 85:1-6Blunkall, Buddy
20120826SunPMWhat God Says, I Will SpeakII Chron 18:13, I Pet 4:11Westover, John
20120815WedPMMany VoicesI Cor 14:10-11Leathley, Robert

Nem 2:20
Gillispie, John
20120808WedPMCommitted To ChristRom 9:1-3Lambert, Michael
20120729SunPMLessons For The Disciple of ChristJohn 6:1-14Rice, Shane
20120722SunSSBible PreachingProv 10:17Walker, Jim
20120722SunPMJudgement Of GodJer 44:15-16Walker, Jim
20120722SunAMWhat Got The Thief To ParadiseLuke 23:39-43Walker, Jim
20120713FriPMHow To Dwell In The DenDaniel 6:10-22Kinsey, Buster
20120711WedPMHow You Can OvercomeNum 13:1-3Kinsey, Buster
20120708SunPMAbove Deep FireHebrews 11:7Kinsey, Buster
20120708SunAMGod In His HomeJer 20:1-9Kinsey, Buster
20120624SunPMLost Book, TheII Kings 22:1-7Westover, John
20120620WedPMSecret Of Success, TheMatt 5:38-42Matthews, Gary
20120603SunAMDisobedient ChildrenProv 17:25Del Grande, Brian
20120603SunPMLosing A VisionProv 29:18Del Grande, Brian
20120603SunSSHospitalityI Pet. 4:9Del Grande, Brian
20120527SunSSHere I AmGen. 22:1Johnson, Doyle
20120527SunPMInfallible ProofActs 1:1-11Johnson, Doyle
20120527SunAMWhich WayMat 17:13Edmonds, Gary
20120520SunPMWitnessing In The Last TimesII Tim 2:1-13Dassow, Will
20120513SunPMIf You Love Me (Jesus)Phil 2:5-11Guiler, Myron
20120509WedPMJoyHab 3:17-19Leathley, Matt
20120422SunPMAuthenticating MosesExodus 4:1-9Leathley, Robert
20120422SunAMKnowing Christ Through ServiceSong of Solomon 5:1-6Leathley, Matt
20120509WedPMJoyHab. 3:17-19Leathley, Matt
20120422SunSSKnowing Christ Through ServiceSong of Solomon 5:1-6Leathley, Matt
20120422SunAMAuthenticating MosesExodus 4:1-9Leathley, Robert
20120415SunPMVocational MissionaryDanforth, Harry
20120408SunSSHonduras MissionsJude 22,23LaVita, Dan
20120325SunPMSacrifice of Praise, TheI Peter 2:5Westover, John
20120314WedPMA Swamp LandIsaiah 42:1-8Mathews, Gary
20120311SunPM4 Pillars of the Power To PeopPhil 3:10Martin, Josiah
20120304SunPMJesus Is The AnswerMatthew 11:25-30Harrison, Rex
20120212SunPMReturn To The LordRuth 1:1-7Fussner, Heith
20120208WedPMBrightest Light In The HouseMatt 6:22-23 – Is 8:20Westover, Ben
20120129SunPMMissionary Cry, ThePsalm 142Hamilton, Paul
20120122SunPM5 Lessons From The RaptureI Thessalonians 1:5Westover, John Paul
20120115SunPMRest Of The Story, TheActs 16:31Frye, Bruce
20120115SunSSBridle Your TongueJames 1:26Frye, Bruce
20120115SunAMBruce’s TestimonyPsalm 40:1-3Frye, Bruce
20111225SunSS5 Gifts You Can Give To GodProverbs 22:15Leathley, Robert
20111225SunPMHe Was Moved With CompassionMatthew 9:35-38Westover, John
20111211SunPMFree Gift, TheRomans 5:1,15-18Ferris, Mike
20111204SunAMThe God Of PromiseJohn 12:20-22Rogers, Mark
20111204SunPMIt’s About GodJonah 1:1-9Rogers, Mark
20111204SunSSPrinciple Of ReplacementCol 3:1-17Rogers, Mark
20111203SatPMRejected SacrificesI Samuel 16:1-7Rogers, Mark
20111202FriPMAnd I Am GladJohn 11:1-15Rogers, Mark
20111201ThuPMA New HeartI Samuel 9:1-6,17Rogers, Mark
20111130WedPMFire From HeavenI Kings 18:17-24Rogers, Mark
20111127SunPMA Humble ChristianPhilippians 2:13-16Westover, John
20111127SunSSCausing A Big Catch Of FishLuke 5:1-11Leathley, Steve
20111123WedPMHarness The HorsesJeremiah 46:3-4Mathews, Gary
10-22-11SunPMCreated in Christ Jesus Unto Good WorksEph 2:10Westover, John
10-16-11SunPMComforter, TheJohn 14:16Labouve, Kurt
10-09-11SunAMMissions According to JonahJonah 1:1Monger, Bobby
10-09-11SunPMHarvest Fields, TheJohn 4:35-38Bro Ruppel
10-07-11FriPMNever Give Up!II Tim 2:1-4Bro Ruppel
10-06-11ThurPMWilliam Carey’s CommandmentsI Cor 6:19-20Allen, John
10-05-11WedPMMissing Prayer CardAmos 8:11-12Monger, Bobby
09-25-11SunPMA Threefold CordDan 3:19-25Leathley, Robert
08-28-11SunPMLovers of GodPhil 1:9Westover, John
08-24-11WedPMWays Of Man, TheJob 34:21Coventry, Kevin
08-17-11WedPMMissionary to GranadaLambert, Michael
08-14-11SunPMMissionary, The2 Cor 4:1-7Mooberry, Matthew
08-14-11SunPMMooberry – Slide PresenationMooberry, Matthew
08-07-11SunPMThe Good SamaritanLuke 10:25-37Walker, Jim
07-31-11SunPMAre You A Bible Believer?Psm 12:6-7Westover, John
06-12-11SunPMBelieve in the Lord Jesus ChristNeh 8:8-10Henricksman, Neil
05-29-11SunPMSpiritual DiscernmentI Cor. 16:20-22Westover, John
04-17-11SunPMNumbers 11:1-6Numbers 11:1-6Leathley, Matt
04-10-11SunAMBreak ThroughMark 5:21-24Chadinha, Mario
04-10-11SunPMBattle In Your Mind, TheEph 6:12; Rom 7:14-19Fellman, Lucas
04-10-11SunSSRun To GodJonah 2:1-9Cook, Jay
04-06-11WedPMWhat We Should Do With Our RichesJames 5:1-6, 7-11Cook, Jay
03-27-11SunPMDivine GuidanceNumbers 9Westover, John
03-09-11WedPMWhy the Christian Can’t QuitI Cor. 16:13Hamblin, John
12-01-10WedPMRent VeilMat 27:50-52Westover, John
11-28-10SunPMSpecial Speaker Gary EdmundsLuke 19:1-10Edmunds, Gary
11-28-10SunSSSpecial Speaker Bob LeathleyHeb 6:4-6Leathley, Bob
11-28-10SunAMGrace of God, TheII Cor 8:1Leathley, Bob
11-17-10WedPMA King TornHosea 6:1-2Westover, John
11-14-10SunAMWisdom Hath Builded Her HousePro 9:1-6Ball, Art
11-14-10SunPMTwo Signs of Jesus ChristMark 7:31-37Ball, Art
11-14-10SunSSRealities That Obligate Us To MissionsI Pet 1:8-12Ball, Art
11-10-10WedPMTorn GarmentGen 37:29Westover, John Paul
11-07-10SunSSThings That Cannot Be ShakenHeb 12:18-29Edmunds, Gary
11-07-10SunPMExpecting To ReceiveActs 3:1-5Edmunds, Gary
11-07-10SunAMSeven Steps To The Pig PenLuke 15:11-16Edmunds, Gary
10-24-10SunPMMinistry of Prayer, TheI Tim 2:1-4Westover, John Paul
10-03-10SunSSI Chronicles 29I Chronicles 29Morrison, Robbie
10-03-10SunPMCaring Starts With ContentmentPhilippians 4Morrison, Robbie
10-03-10SunAMPhillipians 2Phillipians 2Morrison, Robbie
10-02-10SatPMPhilippians 1Philippians 1Morrison, Robbie
10-01-10FriPMJoel 3:14-16Joel 3:14-16Morrison, Robbie
09-29-10WedPMTwo QuestionsRomans 7Westover, John Paul
09-05-10SunSSElijah Great FaithI Kings 17Lewis, James
09-05-10SunAM5 StonesI SamuelLewis, James
09-05-10SunPMMissionary to MicronesiaPsm 33:14Fetter, Dave
08-01-10SunPMStages of Being Lost (Part 2)Walker, Jim
08-01-10SunSSTruth Is ImportantII Pet 2:1-2Walker, Jim
08-01-10SunAMStages of Being Lost (Part 1)Luke 15Walker, Jim
07-18-10SunPMPraying for MissionsI Thes 4Menkhoff, Jim
07-09-10FriPMAsa’s DownfallII Chr 16:1-14Kinsey, Buster
07-04-10SunPMDon’t Let The Fire Go OutLev 6:8-13Kinsey, Buster
07-04-10SunSSForgivenessEph 4:17-31Kinsey, Buster
07-04-10SunAMMephiboshethII Sam 9Kinsey, Buster
06-27-10SunPMFaint NotPsm 32:1-3Bowman, Shawn
06-16-10WedPMRepentMat 21:28-29Westover, John Paul
06-06-10SunSSTemptationJames 1:12Gipp, Sam
06-06-10SunPMYour One ChanceJames 4:14Gipp, Sam
06-06-10SunAMMaking Peace With GodIsaiah 27:1-5Gipp, Sam
06-05-10SunPMWhen Things Look HopelessIsaiahGipp, Sam
06-04-10SatPMOur New Relationships With GodMatt 21:28-31Gipp, Sam
06-03-10FriPMWhy I Want To Be A PhariseePhil 3:4-6Gipp, Sam
06-02-10WedPMFive Covenants, ThePsalm 89Gipp, Sam
04-21-10WedPMLost/KeptJohn 17:12Leathley, Robert
04-18-10SunSSWitnessing In ChainsActs 17:22-27Ching, Nathan
04-18-10SunPMMoved To ChangeII Sam 9:1-13Ching, Nathan
04-11-10SunSSProper StepsI John 2:1-18Leathley, Robert
04-11-10SunPMGod’s Health Care PlanPro 17:22Leathley, Robert
04-11-10SunAMIn All ThisJob 2:3-10Leathley, Robert
04-07-10WedPMRespectMat 23:1-Leathley, Robert
04-04-10SunPMJesus The Good ShepardJohn 10:1-14Guenther, Tim
03-24-10WedPMHeaven In The HomePsalm 127Ralph, Ron
03-23-10TuePMYou Can Do ItPhil 4:13Ralph, Ron
03-22-10MonPMRunning in CirclesLuke 9:10Ralph, Ron
03-21-10SunAMRegretJn 9:4 & Jn 12:35-36Ralph, Ron
03-21-10SunSSIdols, Images, and ImaginationsRev 3:14-20Ralph, Ron
03-21-10SunPMSatan’s StrongholdII Cor 10:35Ralph, Ron
03-07-10SunAMWhy I’m Going To The CongoLuke 1Blackburn, Nick
02-29-10SunAMMy Name Shall Be Great Among
the Gentiles
Mal 1:6-14Smith, Joshua
02-07-10SunAMPrisonMatt 25:36Burns, Jeremy
02-03-10WedPMThat I May Know HimPhil 3:7-11Braden, Lewis
01-22-10FriPMTo Seek By PrayerDaniel 9:1-4Griffis, George
01-23-10SatPMTeach Us To PrayMat 26:36-41; Luke 11:1-2Griffis, George
01-24-10SunAMGod So LovedJohn 3:16Griffis, George
01-24-10SunPMLeaning on Jesus’ BosomJohn 13:21-25Griffis, George
01-24-10SunSSBe A DiscipleLuke 14:26-35Griffis, George
01-20-10WedPMGet A Hold of GodIsaiah 64:6-7Vogelpoole, Dana
01-13-10WedPMBeautify The House of GodEzraChadhina, Mario
01-13-10WedPMLet us Draw NearHeb 10:19-22Beilfus, Ryan
01-10-10SunPMNot of MenGal 1:1-12Leathley, Matt
01-06-10WedPMWalking Circumspectly Thayer, Jeremiah
12-20-09SunPMGal 2:20Gal 2:20Schildknecht, Charles
12-06-09SunSSBalancePro 11:1Rogers, Mark
12-06-09SunAMWho Is Jesus?Mat 11:13-16Rogers, Mark
12-06-09SunPMIt’s Too Soon To QuitJoshua 6:1-20Rogers, Mark
12-05-09SatPMDeath, Healing, and ResurrectionLuke 8:40-56Rogers, Mark
12-04-09FriPMDon’t Waste the Blessings of GodII Chron 24:1-25Rogers, Mark
12-03-09ThursPMStarting New TraditionsII Chron 24:1-15 ??Rogers, Mark
12-02-09WedPMII Chron 22:1-4;10-12II Chron 22:1-4;10-12Rogers, Mark
11-29-09SunSSI John 1:2,7 – Rom 1:21-13 ??I John 1:2,7 – Rom 1:21-13Leahley, Bob
11-29-09SunPMVictory Through FaithI John 5:4Leathley, Bob
11-29-09SunAMYour PhilosophyActs 8:26-31Leathley, Bob
11-25-09WedPMJeremiah 13:1-11Jeremiah 13:1-11Braden, Lewis
11-22-09SunPMBorn Among Women (John The Baptist)Matt 11:1-14Rodriquez, Manny
10-18-09SunSSEvangelist Justin CooperI Sam 17:1-37Cooper, Justin
10-18-09SunPMEvangelist Justin CooperCooper, Justin
10-18-09SunAMEvangelist Justin CooperPsm 40:1-2Cooper, Justin
10-04-09SunPMI Thessalonians Chapter 1I Thes 1Leathley, Matt
10-04-09SunAMSpecial – The_Longer_I_Serve_Him.mp3
10-04-09SunSSMinistering to the SaintsII Cor 9Leathley, Matt
10-04-09SunAMSeeking the LostLuke 15:1-2Frizzel, Paul
10-03-09SatPMWhere Is Your PlaceJudges 7:17-24Holland, Todd
10-02-09FriPMEarthen VesselsII Cor 4:7Frizzel, Paul
09-20-09SunPMBe Thou Clean *Luke 5:12-13Petronico, Tony
09-20-09SunAMYes We CanGen 11:1-8Petronico, Tony
09-13-09SunPMFaithRom 4:19-21Planck, Stetson
08-26-09WedPM7 TimesPro 24:15-16Braden, Louis
08-19-09WedPMGod Is LightGen 1:1Gabbard, Phil
08-09-09SunSSDarkness & Flames in HellDeu 4:11Walker, Jim
08-09-09SunPMChildren are ImportantPsalm 78:1-8Walker, Jim
08-09-09SunAMStudy of II Kings 7II Kings 7:3-9Walker, Jim
07-15-09WedPMSeven Things To Keep From Sliding BackChurch PlantersStalnaker, Virl
06-24-09WedPMWhat Was Lost Is FoundLuke 15:4-23Coventry, Kevin
06-28-09SunPMWe Are All MissionariesMissionary to ZambiaPeterson, Greg
06-14-09SunSPAmerica AgainSpecialCook, Jay
05-24-09SunPMMissionary To UkrainePsalm 77Missionary Rick Wiles
05-03-09SunPMThankfulnessIsa 5:14Missionary Jeff Smith
04-19-09SunPMSome Things That Are GoodEcc 6:12Evan. Brian DelGrande
04-19-09SunAMSome Things About HeavenJohn 14:1-6Evan. Brian DelGrande
04-19-09SunSSEvil SurmisingsI Tim 6:4Evan. Brian DelGrande
04-05-09SunAMWhy Things Happen When They HappenEcc 3:1-8Bro. Art Ball
04-05-09SunSSMission OpportunitiesPhil 4:10Bro. Art Ball
03-29-09SunPMSowers And ReapersJohn 4:25-38Matt Leathley
03-25-09WedPMMy Three Fears As A FundamentalistI Cor 9:19-27Dr. John Hamblin
03-24-09TuePMThe School of StormsMark 6:45-51Dr. John Hamblin
03-22-09SunPMWhat I Know Will Still Bring Revival*Jonah 3:10Dr. John Hamblin
03-22-09SunAMMeaningful Changes At the
Marriage in Cana
John 2:1-11Dr. John Hamblin
03-22-09SunSSWhere Are the Nine?Luke 17:17Dr. John Hamblin
03-15-09SunPMDetermine To Make A DifferenceJudges 3:11-30Bro. Matt Allen
03-15-09SunSSWhat is Missions (New Guinea)Rom 14:4Bro. Matt Allen
03-08-09SunPMGod’s WillI Cor. 2:6-12Bro. Mark Doney
03-08-09SunAMConsider Your WaysHaggai 1:1-9Bro. Mark Doney
03-08-09SunSSGoals For GodPhil 3:7-14Bro. Mark Doney
03-04-09WedPMRemove Your IdolsHab. 3:2; I Ki 15:12Bro. Bob Leathley
02-15-09SunPMIssue of BloodMark 5:25-34Missionary Ken Dibler
02-15-09SunPMIntro – Armed Forces Missions Missionary Ken Dibler
02-01-09SunPMReach Out to JesusMicah 6:1-8Br. Jeff Kruchkow
02-01-09SunSSThe Dead Sea ChristianII Cor 8:1-5Br. Jay Cook
01-11-09SunPMFighting the BattleRom 12:18Bro. Mike Dorley
12-28-08SunPMCommitted To GodII Tim 1:7-12Bro Bob Leathley
12-28-08SunAMThe BloodJosh. 2:9-21Bro Bob Leathley
12-28-08SunSSStudy of Matthew 22:40Matt 22:40Bro Bob Leathley
12-14-08SunPMThe Gospel of LivingJob 19:25-27Bro Bob Leathley
12-07-08SunPMRenewIsa. 40:31Bro. Chris Woodley
12-07-08SunAMMosesEx 2:25-3:12Bro. David Haveman
12-07-08SunSSAmbassadors To IsraelLuke 5:1-10Bro. Richard Krecls
12-06-08SatPMIsraelIsa 15:12 Gen 17:7-8Bro. Richard Krecls
12-05-08FriPMLove of ChristII Cor 5:14, 13:14Bro. Chris Woodley
11-23-08SunPMMissionary Mike Wallace Wallace, Mike
10-22-08WedPMThe Course of a HeroII Tim 4:1-8Evangelist Mark Rogers
10-21-08TuePMThe Call of a HeroGen 41Evangelist Mark Rogers
10-20-08MonPMThe Character of a HeroI Sam 17Evangelist Mark Rogers
10-19-08SunPMThe SwordHeb. 4:12-13Evangelist Mark Rogers
10-19-08SunAMThe Correction of GodJob 5:17Evangelist Mark Rogers
10-19-08SunSSSongs & SingingEph. 5:18-21Evangelist Mark Rogers
10-15-08WedPMSpirit of TruthJohn 16:7Bro. Bob Leathley
10-12-08SunPMDon’t Stop Short2 Kings 19:14-19Dr. Sam Gipp
10-12-08SunAMMorning ServiceRom 10:9-13Dr. Sam Gipp
10-08-08WedPMThe Straight LinePhil 3:7-16Bro. Lewis Braden
08-17-08SunPMKnow The Truth Missionary Jason Harris
08-10-08SunPMSubmissionLuke 5Bro. Jon Knouf
08-10-08SunSSII Chron 7:14II Chron 7:14Bro. Jon Knouf
08-03-08SunPMVictory In Christ JesusI Cor 15:57Bro. Robbie Morrison
08-03-08SunAMSeek HimPsalm 24:6Bro. Robbie Morrison
08-03-08SunSSThe Measure of FaithII Cor 10:12-15Bro. Robbie Morrison
07-23-08WedPMLinenMark 14:51-52Bro. Bob Leathley
07-20-08SunPMRun That Ye My ObtainI Cor. 9:24Missionary Casey Kline
07-08-08SunPMNehemiah 1 & 2Neh 1-2Evangelist Buster Kinsey
07-08-08SunAMThe Love of GodI John 3Evangelist Buster Kinsey
07-08-08SunSSJudges 6 & 7Judges 6-7Evangelist Buster Kinsey
06-15-08SunPMWhat Were They ThinkingI Chr 28 – Pro 23Bro. Bob Leathley
05-28-08WedPMSanctificationII Cor. 6:14Bro. John Paul Westover
05-25-08SunPMWho Killed Jesus?John 19:1Pastor Jim Walker
05-25-08SunSSAfter The Cross / Hell Pastor Jim Walker
05-18-08SunPMA Vessel of HonorLuke 8:22-26Missionary Daniel Fetter
04-20-08SunPMNo Hope In The PopeMat 16:21-28Bro. Ben Westover
03-16-08SunPMAre You a ChristianActs 11:18-27Missionary Jason Young
03-06-08ThrPMVirtueLuke 6:12-19Bro. George Griffis
03-05-08WedPMCharityI Cor 13Bro. George Griffis
03-04-08TuePMWhy I Know There Is A GodRom 1:19Bro. George Griffis
03-03-08MonPMHellLuk 16:19-31Bro. George Griffis
03-02-08SunPMThe Hedge Of GodEcc 10:8Bro. George Griffis
03-02-08SunAMHe’s Who He Said He WasMatt 27Bro. George Griffis
03-02-08SunSSGo To The BookJosh 1:1Bro. George Griffis
02-17-08SunAMSowingIsaiah 13:20Missionary Joe Marshall
02-17-08SunSSGods CommandmentsDuet 6:1Missionary Joe Marshall
02-03-08SunPMPhases of Your Spiritual WalkExodus 3Bro Bob Leathley
01-30-08WedPMWednesday Evening ServiceActs 17Bro Ben Westover
01-20-08SunPMThankfulness Missionary Mike Roberts
12-19-07WedPMBen Westover – Guest Speaker Bro Ben Westover
12-31-07MonPMNew Years Eve SermonLuke 10:25-37Bro Jay Cook
12-26-07WedPMHumanismLuke 23:34-43Bro Lewis Braden
12-2-07SunPMWithout A PreacherRom 10:13-14Pastor Rick Sowell
12-2-07SunAMThe Road To HeavenJohn 14Pastor Rick Sowell
12-2-07SunSSHow To Deal With Your FleshEphesians 4Pastor Rick Sowell
12-1-07SatPMWhat Went Wrong Pastor Rick Sowell
11-30-07FriPMWhat Made Antioch Church GreatActs 11:19-30Pastor Rick Sowell
11-28-07WedPMChrist Must Needs Have Suffered Bro Ben Westover
11-25-07SunAMFaithHeb 11:1-6Pastor Ryan Bielfus
11-25-07SunAMSome Things That Are Important
to Understand
Dan 10:10-12Bro Bob Leathley
11-24-07SatPMHow to Get the Shout BackPs 51Pastor Mario Chadinha
11-24-07SatPMVineyard ShoutingIs 16:8-11Bro Robbie Morrison
11-23-07FriPMBe Filled With the SpiritActs 2:1-4Bro. George Griffis
11-23-07FriPMHow People Go AstrayPs 106:21Pastor Don Snow
11-14-07WedPMConsider The Work Of The LordNeh 2:1-6Bro. Matt Leathley
09-11-07WedPMA Spiritual InheritanceII Chr 2:1-16Bro Matt Leathley